Michal and Paltiel


When Saul my Dad was still the king and David on the lam,
An outlaw and a mercenary, Saul found me a new man
There’s the dynasty to think of if your father wears the crown
So I was wed to Palti with a chuppah at sundown,
An espousal true and kosher, to husband number two
And David out in Ziklag with his men, the happy few.
They brought me into Palti’s tent and wham bam thank you ma’am
So later I was rather touched to find he gave a damn
He meant to show affection but just didn’t have the knack,And walked behind me weeping when David claimed me back,
Now why did Palti shed the tears while David was dry-eyed?
I was a wife to both of them, the trophy princess bride,
The fact I had no children was a setback for King Saul
It looked as if our dynasty was going to the wall;
This suited David who despatched without much fuss or noise
The remnant of our family, my sister Merab’s boys.
He gave them to the Gibeonites who hanged them, every one
And the royal hopes of Benjamin were finally undone
While my nephew, Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan, the prince
Lost half his land to Ziba and we haven’t seen it since.
It’s fishy how King David got Saul’s grandsons out the way
He took me back from Palti, like some slave who’d gone astray,
He’d taken younger wives and, though he spent his nights with them,
I’d say he only loved himself, and possibly Hashem…
So the tribe of Judah lives to tell the tale and write the scroll
And cast themselves forever in a messianic role
With Saul, my Dad, bipolar, or so the bible shows
And Paltiel, the husband, whose name nobody knows.


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